Friday, December 2, 2011

Burger Time: Someburger in the Heights

If I'm getting a burger, I usually prefer a big, juicy, meaty burger as opposed to a thinburger.  But sometimes you just don't want to eat 1/2 lb. of beef.

It may not be the best in town, but Someburger in the Heights makes a pretty good thinburger.

A typical neighborhood joint, Someburger is merely a green shack at the corner of 11th and Studewood.  It is a simple place, you walk up to the counter to order, and the only seats are picnic tables in the back.  The menu has a few extras such as hot dogs and fried fish, but the burgers are it's bread and butter.

As I said, it is a thin burger grilled on a flat griddle done in a traditionally Texas style, dressed with mustard, lettuce, tomato pickles and onions.  For a small burger, it does pack a pretty big taste.  The meat is flavored very nicely, and the veggies are fresh and crisp.  A nicely toasted bun rounds it out.  The only real disappointment were the fries, which were one step above elementary school cafeteria quality.

This is a roadside burger stand we are talking about, so it will never be a gourmet burger, and probably won't ever be anyone's favorite.  But for a quick bite in the neighborhood at a price similar to McDonald's or Burger King ($6.50 for the burger, fries and drink), the little stand delivers in a big way.

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