Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner at Tango and Malbec

I try not to use banquet dinners cooked en masse to judge the quality of a restaurant.  I've had some subpar experiences at several places where a normally fantastic dish will be a little more watered down and, well, mass produced.

That said, some places can be a great experience, as was my cousin's rehearsal dinner last night at Tango and Malbec, the fairly new South American inspired restaurant near the Galleria.  Our three course meal there didn't disappoint.

My favorite part may have been the opening course; empenadas.  They served the table several of both the beef and chicken variety along with a cilantro/sour cream sauce.  While the chicken wasn't bad, I enjoyed the flavor of the beef better.  But with a perfect flaky crust, it didn't matter which filling I had, they were both great.  They brought two plates of these to our table, and I had four of them.  Yum.

For my entree, I had Bife de Chorizo, an 8 oz. strip served with fries.  The steak was a good cut and was perfectly cooked and seasoned; very tender.  It was grilled similar to the Churrasco style, and I thought it was better than the offering there.  I would've picked a different side if I had the choice, but the meat more than made up for it.

Cari picked the rainbow trout.  This was served over basamati rice and drizzled with a lemon butter sauce.  I think we both enjoyed this more than the steak as it was a nice piece of fish, and the sauce was quite tasty.

Though Cari was completely disappointed in the lack of chocolate for dessert (they have chocolate, just didn't on the limited banquet menu), and despite the fact that we were completely stuffed after the first two courses, we both liked the flan and rice pudding that we had for dessert.

While you shouldn't completely grade a restaurant based on a banquet, I saw enough of T&B that I would want to go back and try the regular menu.  The dishes we had were executed well, the service was great, and the atmosphere was fun: modern and chic yet with a bit of Latin American flair.  I hope for a sequel to this post soon!

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